Power of Words

Words, what are words?

Are they just the sounds of our thoughts? Are words just the silence-breakers?

Most of us are oblivious to the enormous power words hold. They can calm or harm people, confuse or illuminate people, attract or repel people. They can even start or stop wars. Words are spoken as marriage vows and also as awful arguments leading to divorce. Soft words can soothe your soul whereas rude words cut you deep. Whereas words are inactive when they are in your mind. Thoughts are neutral unless spoken.

“One kind word can change someone’s entire day.”

Communication is a skill, and you ought to master it in order to survive rightfully in this pretentious world. One must learn to convince your thoughts correctly by the right choice of words. If you are in need of something, you should know how to ask for it.  If you are annoyed by someone you should know how to take care of the situation. If somebody is already on the top of his/her voice then arguing back, just because you are right, would just worsen the situation and cause strains in your relationship with that person. Instead if you let go of the argument for the moment and bring it up later in a casual talk just to let the other person know their mistakes politely would settle things without any hassle.

We all have bad days, when we are just exhausted, impatient, frustrated or totally angry and sometimes all those emotions are poured on someone innocent, someone we love, someone we care, someone who looks up to us as an idol. Those emotions when spewed out at our loved ones as vile words are agonizing at that moment, can be forgiven later but can never be forgotten.

“Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you, may stick with someone else for a lifetime.”

Rachel Wolchin

Controlling your defiant tongue is an art in itself and as any other art, it requires effort, patience, commitment and practice. Our tongues can be tamed by inculcating some simple values in our daily lives. I have listed some of them for you.

  • Enrich your heart, mind and soul with positivity, purity and politeness and deprive it of thoughts leading to words of destruction.
  • Be conscious of your words when you speak. Think about the consequences taking into consideration, the state of mind of the other person.
  • Practice speaking words which can lighten up the environment around you. Try to give up on complaining about yourself or others. Speak words that inspire yourself as well as people around you.
  • Find yourself in better situations which are filled with abundance and gratitude.

We have a superpower in our tongue, we need to believe in this power, use it wisely and feel empowered.


Love Yourself

I am done, seeing myself from another’s eyes.
Looking in the mirror, I notice my life full of lies.
What is that I seek, I fail to realise,
I desire acceptance as love in disguise.
Chasing the one, breaking all the ties,
I have lost myself, in this world unwise.

I believed myself to be ineluctably flawed,
Exploring around to find where I belonged.
I tried to fit in, making my opinions aligned
As I watched the sinking phantasm of my mind.

As I sit thinking in the light of the day,
Why have I chosen to come this way?
Why am I putting my emotions on display?
Why am I looking for hope in the gray?

The love I deserve is somewhere within me,
Follow its trail and embrace it with glee.
Just like a phoenix, from the ashes I arise,
It’s time to soar above the dream-stained skies.



I am not alone
It follows me everywhere.
I wonder what it is,
It speaks to me as its own.

My life took a turn
When I saw it standing ahead.
Seemed like not me,
But it was being followed.

Days went by
and it fed on me,
I was hollow
with the thoughts it.

“It” was your dream
Which you thought you followed
You lost your present
Thinking “it” was all you had.

You left behind your precious ones
Living your dreams in your mind.
Now that you know you lost time
You return to reality but it’s late.

Whoever was yours, is not your anymore.
Life recovered, not you.
You were not alone then,
Now, you are.

Quest for Motivation

We all have been through a phase where we are out of ideas and inspirations. We are totally aware of our responsibilities yet fail to accomplish them but instead waste our precious time in little things which may not be necessary at that particular instant. We keep thinking of the future and even daydream about what all fortunes we will acquire in the coming years. But we fail to understand that the discipline we obey in the present while doing our work with sincerity is going to pay off one fine day fulfilling all our dreams. Sometimes, all we need is a bit of motivation to keep going the right way.

What is motivation?

But have we ever thought what is motivation afterall? Do we really get motivated spending hours watching inspirational videos and success interviews? Even if you think that you get the fuel to accomplish the task that you had given up on by reading inspirational content, is it really going to work in the long run?

Motivation acquired by reading and from some other external sources is always great to boost yourself with some energy and is very important to stay focused. But when you aim to be successful in life, these small things aren’t going to help you. Ever heard any successful person saying that he/she got inspired from a video or a book?

This example is just enough to understand that motivation comes from the inside. No matter how much others try to convince you to do a particular thing, you will only be interested to do that thing when you really think doing that is important for you and will benefit you on some or other way.

Believe it or not, you are the inspiration for yourself and only you can make your self achieve your goals.

There is a time in everyone’s life when one understands one’s purpose in life. That is the exact time when your mind gets ignited and you are filled with passion, ready to take on any challenge that you face.

How am I supposed to know when that time will arrive?

You will always know if you are on the right path. Your instinct will always serve as a compass for goals. If you are doing better than yesterday, if you feel happier doing you work than yesterday, then of course you are on the right path.

But why is choosing the right path so important?

That is because it is not the destination that is important, but the journey towards achieving your goal which is going to teach you so many things about life, success and happiness. Going on the right path requires too much of patience because the only less trodden path and the longest one is always the correct one.

So finally ending on a note that…

Start your quest for motivation inside yourself. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you for reading and sorry for any grammatical errors. Feel free to leave a comment.